Vinyl film has the best-finished look with the brightest colors. When the product is clear coated, it can have a gloss level of up to 95%, so shiny it looks wet!

We are happy to provide standard vinyl graphics for a job if requested, but the presentation impact of seamless full-color vinyl printing makes ordinary adhesive vinyl graphics pale in comparison. Seamless vinyl hides the unattractive elements of trailers and other vehicles.

Ribbed, beaten, bent, worn, corrugated, or any other unattractive surface aspects are INSTANTLY covered and given an appealing look. This can done using special adheisve products, so that if the decision to remove the system was ever made, no visible trace of the installation would be left behind.

Specialty vehicles sometimes require adhesive vinyl. Fleets or even just one vehicle of any type can be wrapped in a high performance, color-popping vinyl that's irresistible to the eye and resistant to the elements. Whatever media the job requires, our digital imaging on any type vinyl carries with it the same quality and assurance that the OMA Graphics team has been providing for decades. All that plus you get it anywhere, anytime!

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