The team at OMA Graphics has been developing OEM graphics programs for the past 30 years across a wide variety of industries, including automotive, marine, RV, trailer, truck, and miscellaneous OEM.

How can participating this OEM program benefit my company?

  • Increased sales margin per unit
  • Add a unique appearance to your OEM product
  • Additional market penetration
  • Customize your OEM product
  • Increased gross potential on graphics programs
  • Unique low-cost cosmetic change instead of high-cost tooling
  • Develop uniquely designed products for your culture or target customer

What are some reasons to use OMA Graphics' products?

  • 30-years' experience in OEM program layouts
  • All in-house manufacturing
  • Full range of stock OEM graphics ready to be shipped and delivered
  • Specialty-designed and ready-to-cut graphics
  • State-of-the art manufacturing
  • Start-to-finish production
  • Superior pricing and quality on products and materials
  • Custom graphic color and pattern runs

What services can OMA Graphics offer my company?

  • In-house art department -- start to finish concept through final design
  • Training seminar at your location for quality installation and applications
  • A dedicated customer service representative to assist you in developing the OEM solution that best fits your needs
  • Complete consultation, start to finish, from veteran staff with 30-years' experience

OMA Graphics utilizes several different graphics solution tools for processing. Sometimes these processes may be used in a single-format or in conjunction with each other. These processes include:

  • In-house computer cutting (at your location)
  • Digital or screen-printed graphic sheets (printed with your specified pattern using OEM-grade inks and clear coats, which can then be cut at your location on demand).
  • We supply materials in Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, and Class 4 for processing of graphics or decals
  • Prefabricated graphics in kit or part form. The kits are used as a complete graphic for a vehicle or unit; the parts are used in conjunction with roll striping.
  • Paint mask -- paint mask is very popular if you are now using a painting process for your graphic applications. Paint is less expensive than vinyl if you have a large surface area to cover. Many times we will use striping tapes such as 1/16" or 1/8" to trim around the outside of the painted graphic.

Working with Your Customer Service Representative
Your customer service representative will work with you to develop a custom striping program or OEM striping program using the proper combination of the processes and/or product lines to get the maximum benefit at the lowest possible cost. The more facts you bring to the table during this evaluation process, the better able we are to get you the most efficient, cost-effective price solution for your particular requirements. The type of information required includes:

  • Number of units
  • Size
  • Interior or exterior application
  • Number of colors
  • Turnaround time

Multicultural Applications
OMA Graphics also specializes in multicultural applications. If you are in a country right now that does not have a OEM striping program either through car manufacturing, car distribution, boat manufacturing, or boat distribution, OMA Graphics will be more than happy to do a feasibility study with you. When working with multicultural applications, we design an application using the colors, patterns, and textures that fit your specific culture. When crossing industry lines, we take into account that certain industries attract different age groups, color spectrums, and tastes. All of these factors are taken into consideration when we start to lay out a graphics program.

Choice of Materials
Another key factor in laying out a successful OEM program is the choice of materials:

  • Class 1 -- OEM-Approved Cast
  • Class 2 -- Standard Cast and High-Performance Polymeric Calendered
  • Class 3 -- Standard Polymeric Calendared
  • Class 4 -- Monomeric Calendered

Making the proper choice of materials will guarantee you a long and prosperous OEM program along with maintaining good quality and customer satisfaction.

Training and Application
The third and final phase of developing your OEM program is training and application. Application is as important as all the other phases of building a successful OEM program. Improperly installed graphics and/or striping can jeopardize the quality assurance of the entire project. OMA Graphics specializes in installation and storage at your site. There are many different concerns or factors which can inhibit or improve the application phase of your graphics program:

  • Temperature
  • Storage
  • Personnel training
  • Graphic installation time
  • Installation environment

All of the above must be taken into consideration before implementing a striping or graphics program. Your customer service representative will work with you to ensure all pieces are in place before your OMA Graphics OEM Program is launched.

Contact Information
Please contact us if you would like to explore implementing an OEM graphics program in your organization. We would be happy to provide you with additional information on our products and services. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are currently involved in a striping or graphics program at your OEM location and would like to explore the cost/benefit of an OEM program. You can contact OMA Graphics at , via fax: (877) 662-4739, or call us at (530) 269-1618.