The team at OMA Graphics has been in the fleet marketing business since the late 1970s. When it began, the business was restricted to large fleets with large quantities of graphics. At that time, production methods were limited to screen-printing, which did not allow for cost-effective short run printing.

Custom Printed Graphics

Today's market offers digital printing equipment, making it possible for a small business to participate in full-color banner, signage, decal, and high impact outdoor moving graphics advertising. Outdoor moving graphics advertising has been voted number one for the highest return on your advertising dollar by most advertising agencies and advertising councils in the USA!

YES!!! Better than TV, Radio, Yellow Pages or newspapers dollar for dollar. You can expect instant return on your investment with your phone ringing from the moment you install your graphic. In a metropolitan area, a high impact wrap or transportation graphic which is strategically parked or moving, can get an average 60,000 hits a day. Just imagine the response if 60,000 potential clients saw your or your customers' advertising messages daily!

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